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Hello, and welcome to my blog discussing bankruptcy alternatives for Texans.  We are living through difficult times, where many people are struggling with job loss, loss of retirements, and mounting debts.  It seems as if the cost of groceries and fuel grow much faster than our incomes, and this has left many people feeling as though they just can’t make ends meet.

For many, this is where debt comes into play.  The temptation to use a credit card for this or that to bridge the gap, or unforeseen medical bills that mount up.  Over time these things become a giant snowball that begin to rage out of control.  They threaten to crush a family, affecting marriages, health, and well being.  Well that sounds like bad news, and it surely isn’t good.  But if you live in Texas I’m happy to say that there is some good news I can share with you.  That’s the reason why this blog exists.

Attention Texas Residents:  There’s a way out from under your debts, and it’s not bankruptcy.

I consider myself a kind person, but it makes me angry when I hear about consumers who are given the wrong advice when it comes to bankruptcy.  The truth should contain all the facts, and most often financial professionals fail to inform Texas residents about our consumer protections that offer then an alternative to filing for bankruptcy.

My perspective comes from being an attorney, former Judge, and Mayor.  While a chapter 7 or chapter 13 might be appropriate in a few cases, it is usually presented as the only option people have.  But that’s not true if you live in the state of Texas.  We have some incredible laws on our books that most people know nothing about, including many attorneys.  This means that there IS another option for you that is not debt settlement, debt consolidation, refinancing, or bankruptcy.  Consumers in other states may be forced to take those options; but not Texans.

If you are struggling with unsecured debts, medical bills, judgements, or even financially related lawsuits, you need to know the truth.  There is an bankruptcy alternative for you even if no one has informed you about this.

I have helped many people who have taken the step to call me, and I’m confident I can help you as well.  I’d be glad to offer you references as well as share testimonials of many happy people who have enjoyed my services.

Please take 5 minutes and call me right now.  There is no cost for the call, and no pressure or obligation.  I will ask you a few questions, and respond with your options as a Texas resident.



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